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Role: Designer
Dates: 2017 - 2018
User interface
Data visualization

Equinox Connected Cycling

Combining science, data and cycling to create an immersive and connected fitness experience


Pleased with the work we did to redesign their web and mobile platforms, Equinox partnered with R/GA again to reimagine their indoor cycling experience. The colorful and verbose brief read: “Deliver an addictive, musically-inspired, science-based indoor cycling experience coached by the industry’s best instructors utilizing the most cutting-edge technology to motivate with measurable fitness benefits.”  

From the brief, we identified four key objectives:
  1. Tap into gaming ideologies to update the gym’s signature ride structure
  2. Empower instructors by equipping them with real-time user data
  3. Give riders an easy and meaningful way to measure their performance
  4. Immerse riders in a “tribe” mentality by creating a strong digital community


Together with the team at Equinox we created the Pursuit, an immersive studio cycling offering that took data from studio bicycles and gave riders live visualizations of their riding performance during the session, forging a connection between the rider to their bike, instructor, and their physical environment. The Pursuit encompassed two experiences: Build, which focused on endurance and building strength; and Burn, which was a HIIT workout that maximized caloric burn.

I helped conceptualize many of the individual and partner games for each experience and contributed to the development of the data visualization system. I also worked with the team to establish the graphical interface for the Equinox Cycling experience, creating the screens for the instructor tablet view and the cyclist mobile view for Burn.


Creative direction
Karen Bonna-Rainert, Ryan Scott Tandy, John White, Shuzheng Li

Diana Frurip, Minah Kim, Ellen Pai, Paolo Benvenuto, Nicole Del Senno

Technical director
Matt Jacobs

David Hitchings, Jin Sung Yoo, Sam Keene, Kyle Conway, Rob Seward

Doron Gura, Charles Dodson, Ting Xiao




2017 - 2018

Cyclist’s Second Screen Experience

Instructor’s View

Burn Class Detail