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︎ Seeking local collaborators for community-based art and design projects

👋 I’m an interdisciplinary artist and designer based in Seattle, WA. I recently received my Master of Science in Human-centered design and engineering at the University of Washington. In my final capstone project, I applied speculative design strategies and a more-than-human-centered approach to create embodied rituals that sought to deepen our relationship with the nonhuman. In the not-so-distant past, I contributed to projects ranging from brand identity to interactive data visualizations at Microsoft, RGA, and Collins

As a generalist, I feel most fulfilled when I apply my skills and knowledge to a wide variety of mediums and problem spaces. I’m equally at home designing a logo as I am architecting the operational process of a design team. Central to my practice is the belief that a design solution is not complete unless it has addressed the fundamental requirements of functionality (Does it meet the needs of the intended audience?), aesthetics (Does it evoke the intended emotions?), and sustainability (Will it serve the needs of the human, community, business, and planet today and in the future?)

Outside the studio, I enjoy long morning walks, all manners of craft making, and the creative process of figuring out what to do with this unpronounceable vegetable I just picked up from the farmer’s market. 

If any of this piques your interest, I am happy to hear from you :)


Goldman Sachs
School of Visual Arts


Identifying search terms by reverse engineering a search index
US MS# 409327-US-NP · Issued Mar 1, 2021

Awards & Recognition

Andy Awards – Creative Technology (Equinox The Pursuit)
Behance Talent Gallery
Cannes Lion – Gold – Product Design / Interface (Equinox The Pursuit)
Cannes Lion – Gold – Networked Mobile Technology
(Equinox The Pursuit)
Cannes Lion – Silver – Use of Data / Insight (Equinox The Pursuit)
Cannes Lion – Bronze – User Experience (Equinox The Pursuit)
Clio – Gold – Digital Technique (Equinox The Pursuit)
Clio – Silver – Digital (Equinox The Pursuit)
Clio Sport – Grand – Product / Service: Innovative (Equinox The Pursuit)
Clio Sport – Gold – Product / Service: Experiential (Equinox The Pursuit)
D&AD – Graphite Pencil – Digital Design (Equinox The Pursuit)
D&AD – Wood Pencil – Digital Marketing / Innovative Use of Technology (Equinox The Pursuit)
D&AD – Wood Pencil – Graphic Design / Digital & Mobile – Wood Pencil
Fast Company – World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Fitness
One Show – Bronze Pencil – Interactive Advertising / Environmental / Experiential (Equinox The Pursuit)
Graphic Design USA – “Student to Watch”
Interaction Awards