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Painting enables me to slow down, see deeply, and affirm the world’s beauty.

Painting was my first love, my medium of choice when I studied art. After a long hiatus, where I focused on my corporate design career, I picked up my brushes again. It’s been quietly satisfying to reengage in a slow and tactile process, driven by the simple yet profound goal of creating meaning and beauty. This page will be a record of my visual output, showcasing my experimentation with color, form, texture, and material. 

Work commissioned by Awake Church

Year: 2023
Materials: Watercolor, Pencil, Crayon
Size: 6x9”

This series of typographic paintings aim to embody the spirit of Awake Church and its people. Each print highlights a common prayer or affirmation spoken collectively every Sunday – a symbol of the church as one body united in communion. Each letterform is a lively handdrawn rendition of Cambria, the default typeface for Awake's weekly liturgy sheets. The humble beginnings and grassroots focus of Awake strongly influenced my choice of utilizing everyday, affordable, and accessible tools, such as watercolor and color pencils. The importance of physical place in the church’s identity – its intention to serve the community of North Seattle and Aurora – is expressed in my decision to locally source all art materials and reuse wherever possible. For instance, both the canvas and water color paints were assembled and hand crafted by employees at Push/Pull, an art supply store in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Additional paints were acquired from the local creactive reuse store, Seattle ReCreative, located on Greenwood Ave. Drawing inspiration from the mid-20th century artist Sister Corita Kent, renowned for her bold, colorful, and politically charged typographic art, this painting melds language and visual elements to express Awake's steadfast, patient, and imaginative love for Jesus and His people.

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