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Role: Cook
Date: 2023
Social design

Sunday Table Gathering at Awake Church

A monthly communal breakfast, providing healthy food and friendship to people in the Aurora Ave neighborhood


During my first Sunday service at Awake Church, I was immediately drawn to their “come as you are” hospitality, emphasis on arts and experimentation, and intentional commitment to loving their neighbors. With an average attendance of around 40 people each Sunday, each person plays a vital role in shaping the community. 

After some weeks of regular attendance, I was asked by pastor Hayden to co-lead a monthly ritual that integrates food into the liturgical structure of Sunday service. The first “Sunday Table Gathering” was held on the first Sunday of July 2022 as an opportunity for the local community to come together to build gratitude, fellowship, and connect the physical act of eating with the spiritual act of worship. Doors are open to everyone, regardless of church membership or religious affliation. 

I partnered with Dave, a former professional chef and friend of the church. Together we planned and cooked the meals, ensuring that the menu aligned with the church’s current liturgical theme. We prioritized sourcing organic and seasonal ingredients directly from local farmers – paying for the true cost of the food. As an additional gesture to humanize our food system, we verbally acknowledged the names of all our suppliers after announcing the meal. We also emphasized the creative and communal nature of the experience by having every member of the community participate in both setting and clearing the tables. 

I no longer live in Seattle, but the members of the community continue to gather on the first Sunday of each month to share food, fellowship, and communion.

Before we eat we say a prayer together:

May all be fed
May all be healed
May all be loved


Planning & Execution
Dave Lee, Minah Kim Bass

Hayden Whartes, Nicole Aguilar

First Sunday of each month

Aurora Commons ︎︎︎ located on Aurora Ave in North Seattle

Photo credit
Various members of the Awake community

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