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Role: Senior designer
Timeline: 2019 - 2022
User Experience
Visual design
Information architecture
Design strategy

Family Safety Mobile App

Architecting a mobile framework that optimized usability and cross-feature engagement


In the spring of 2019, a multidisciplinary team of designers, product managers, engineers, data scientists and researchers were assembled at Microsoft to build a mobile solution for families, based on the company’s new strategy to reclaim its presence in the consumer market. Together the team created the Microsoft Family Safety app (available on iOS and Android) – a digital and physical safety tool that provides families with peace of mind through features like screen time limits, content filtering, location tracking, and crash detection alerts.


I was one of four designers assigned to the Family Safety project when it was first conceptualized. During my tenure on the team, I had the great privilege of working on numerous facets of the mobile app (iOS and Android), ranging from product envisioning, information architecture, usability optimization, visual design, illustration, to feature work (one of which earned me a design patent).

As the project scope and team steadily grew over time, my responsibility gradually shifted from designing isolated features to designing frameworks, processes and app-wide information architecture. It was a more challenging role that included the responsibility of coordinating the efforts of individual feature teams (i.e screen time team, location team, drive safety team...etc.) in order to establish and maintain quality and consistency in the user experience. The images you will see on this page are flows and features I’ve both directly and indirectly contributed to. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need more information about my role on this project.

Microsoft Family Safety ︎︎︎


Minah Kim Bass

Richie Fang, Henry Ipince, Azure Zhu, Brittany Olguin, Rahul Udipi, Soojung Roh

Cayla Dorsey

Kaylie Wilson, Kiran Kulkani, Janine Kim

Andrew Mcleod, Sunny Mehta, Yazan Halawa, 

Justin Wagle, Alekhya Nandula

*The names are listed chronologically in order of their contractual involvement on the project


2019 - 2022

︎︎︎ Onboarding flow

︎︎︎ Homepage roster and map view

︎︎︎ Activity overview

︎︎︎ Screen time request flow

︎︎︎ Drive safety